Enter the information for the test


Enter the information for the test

Information of the Test

  • If you click the 『 Test Input Initialization 』, the test will be initialized.
  • When you click the 『 Start Test 』 after you enter the required input fields, you can face the test questions.

Short Guide for Applicant

▶ Solve questions
  • You can select one or more of the answer to another question form, enter the direct answer. Select the [ Check ] at the bottom of the pool screen after you enter the answer.
  • Group-type question, after loosening all the multiple questions, you can go go to the next question.
  • If the time duration of the test is specified, you have to submit the answers until the ending time of the test.

▶ Move question

  • If the movement of the question is allowed test is, when you select the Exam the upper left corner of the screen menu in the (display the question list), you can move to the questions and solve or recheck them.
  •  is displayed question that has already been resolved.
  •  is displayed question that has not yet been resolved.

▶ Playback of media

  • In order to play the audio from the evaluation question of listening, please select the bar to listen to the voice of the figure below.
     Listen to the voice

  • In order to play the video in question that contains the video, please select the bar to see the following diagram of the video.
     Watch video

Required input

Test Code or Alias
Auth mode Register
Verification Code
Reinput Verification Code
Test mode


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