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Add question (Simple)

  • Text editor makes it easy to register one or multiple questions. If you edit the sample text in the current edit window and select 『 Create test 』 or 『 Save 』 , the question will be registered and a test will be created.
  • Take the test at the created test page or receive the test sheet converted to PDF.
  • After you enter your email, you can also receive the test page URL via email.
  • Question registration is available through qubi question editor, Excel Upload/download and typing question.
  • This is for free trial only, and the test URL is valid for 7 days after registration. If you wish to keep using the test platform, please use it after signing up for membership (free) of Entercube. Members can use the PDF test sheet service for unlimited duration.
■ Receive the registration result email (optional, send the results when you enter the email) ■ Test title (optional, Default value when not entered) ■ Question details (Required)

  • #. symbol is used to identify questions. Not needed for a single question.
  • Please enter @. before the choice. If not included, it will be a essay-type. You can enter several choices, but line changes are not allowed within the choices (error).
  • This symbol (*) specifies the correct answer. If there are more than one, it is set as a multi-answer question.
  • <c> 능금 </c> symbol specifies the correct answer to the essay-type questions. If not, it will be a no fixed answer question (i.e., an essay question).
  • <c> 능금||사과||apple</c> symbol sets multiple answers for essay-type question.
  • <t> 예문내용</t> symbol is used to enter an example text. (Optional)
  • <d> 정답설명</d> symbol is used to enter the correct answer explanation.(Optional)
  • <i>외부이미지URL</i> symbol is used to register an image (Optional)
  • <!-- 부호와 --> symbol is used when entering comments. (Optional)

▶ Example

#. 대한민국에서 가장 큰 도시는? 
#. 절기가운데 낮의 길이가 가장 짧은 절기명은 무엇인가? 

#. 다음 빈 칸에 들어갈 알맞은 단어는?
According to Richard Thaler’s theory, people value an object more if their (             )  is clearly established. In a classic study, people were asked to assess the value of coffee cups which had been gifted to them. Another group in the study was also asked to estimate the value of coffee cups, but these coffee cups were not owned by anyone. 


<d>보기가운데 ownership외에는 문장의 뜻이 맞지 않음</d>

#. 컴퓨터를 구성하고 있는 부품을 모두 고르시오.

<d>CPU는 연산을 담당하고 메모리는 기억장치로서 컴퓨터의 핵심부품이다.</d>