Online test service

▶ Process

Entire process of the test from question registration to test and feedback.
Step 01

Request for test registration or consulting

Review client requests and provide phone or visit consulting. Duration : 1day ~ 2weeks
Step 02

Question Registration

Create and register various types of questions which meets the test purpose. Duration : 1day ~ 2weeks
Step 03

Edit Question

Confirm the registered questions and edits errors. Duration : 1day ~ 1weeks
Step 04

Mock test (Optional)

Mock test are conducted in conditions and layout similar to actual test. Duration : 1day ~ 5days
Step 05

Take a test

Test takers conduct tests in a variety of environments, such as PCs and mobile devices. Duration : 1hour ~ 1month
Step 06

Final grade analysis report and data

Automated analysis including percentile, grades, test review, and survey results. Within 2weeks of the completion of the test

▶ Service Features

System Requirements

No separate test solution or management server is required.


Test takers can take the test without providing personal information. ※Test access via email address and verification number.※

Provide Grade report

We provide documents such as grade report and certificate.

Cost Savings

A number of tests are available at a low cost.

Customized test

Test is available at the specified time and period.

Optimized for devices

Test is available on any device PC, mobile, tablet, etc.

▶ Successful Cases

  • Usful for a test having a number of test takers
  • Currently, we offer level test (English, Chinese, and Japanese) in the department of practical foreign language and conduct test services for about 2,000 test takers.
  • · Implementing foreign language questions
  • We structured foreign language questions and examples that other platforms cannot offer.
  • · Quick grade reports and individual feedbacks
  • Through the platform, we were able to individually reduce the amount of time spent communicating feedback on test reviews and test takers strength and weakness.

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